I’m a french student in ecology, interested in community ecology and biostatistics.

I am curently a PhD student with Wilfried Thuiller and Björn Reineking at LECA Grenoble. I’m working on how to integrate phylogeny, functional traits and co-existence mechanisms to predict future plant trajectories within the European Alps.

I made my master’s thesis with Sabrina Gaba and Joël Chadœuf at INRA Dijon. I worked on a method to estimate weeds full abundances from semi-quantitative and incdidence samplings. I also conducted an exploratory work on the potential of Latent Dirichlet Allocation to detect co-occurrence patterns within weed communities.

For my first internship, I worked with Lucie Mahaut to determine how agricutltural practices and competition with the crop could impact weed assembly. I used the concept of niche overlap by measuring mean phylogenetic and functional distances between crop and weeds.

Before that, I followed a technical degree at the University of Dijon. I made an internship with Cécile Révellin, studying the effects of antibiotics on soil comunities of Bradyrhizobium, a soybean nodulating bacteria.

Other stuff

Beside this, I’m an enthusiast programmer. I like to code for my work and for fun. I’m mostly interested in Free Softwares and development tools like git for version control and vim. I’ve been using GNU/Linux for some years and I’m still amazed how awesome it is, especially Arch Linux, which I believe is the best distro ever ;)