Research trainings

2017–2020 PhD position at LECA Grenoble, Integrating phylogeny, functional traits and co-existence mechanisms to predict future plant trajectories within the European Alps (supervised by Wilfried Thuiller and Björn Reineking)

2017 MSc. research, Using Latent Dirichlet Alloation to detect co-occurence patterns in weed communities, INRA Dijon (supervised by Sabrina Gaba & Joël Chadœuf)

2016 MSc. research, How ecological processes drive weed community assembly, INRA Dijon (supervised by Lucie Mahaut)

2013 Internship at INRA Dijon as technician, Effect of repeated antibiotics’ soil input on B. japonicum populations (supervised by Cécile Revellin)


2015-2017: MSc., Biologie des Organismes et des Populations, Dijon, University of Burgundy

2013-2015: BSc., Biologie des Organismes et des Populations, Dijon, University of Burgundy

2011-2013: DUT Génie Biologique, IUT de Dijon, Université de Bourgogne



French: Native speaker

English: Good oral and written skills

Computers skill

OS ArchLinux and other GNU/Linux distros, comfortable with Linux command line

Programming: good skills with R, python, C++, LaTeX and bash. Some notions with html and css

Tools: git, web servers (nginx), Gimp, ssh, tmux, vim, GPG…

Scientific and technic

Biology: Comfortable with various methods in biochemical analyses, molecular biology, microbiology. Some experience with field work (vegetation and benthic macro-invertebrates sampling).

Data_analysis: Comfortable with various parametric and non-parametric tests, randomized tests, multivariate analyses, basic knowledge of bayesian statistics and good experience with large datasets analysis in the R environment. Basic knowledge of relational databases management (SQL).


I’m interested in ecology, agroecology, ecological modelling, computers and free softwares and mechanics.


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